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Brand Building Consulting, LLC was founded by Mai Truong. Mai Truong has 26 years Professional experience in International Business Development, Market Research, Implementation Network Distribution for new Product in the new market. Mai is an Entrepreneur for over 18 years and wearing many hats from CEO/Founder/Sustainable Brands Consultant at Brand Building Consulting to contribute to the society as Pro Bono, Account Director at Taproot Foundation Organization for Non Profit Organization around the globe to focus attention on the pro bono movements, Member of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Practitioner and Member at Urban Manufacturing Ecosystem  Los Angeles County.

In 2013, Mai is a Leading key Sustainability Development Goals accounts especially in the Sustainability Urban Manufacturing and Sustainability Foods Processing Supply Chain.

Mai is a Food Manufacturing Facility Construction LEED V4 and Food Processing Supply Chain sustainability professional and has a track record helping major Global Foods Processing companies advance their sustainability performance. Mai works with executive teams to assess the strategic implications of sustainability and develop approaches to build business value and improve performance. Mai is an experienced facilitator. Mai’s work has spanned many sectors and a range of sustainability issues. She has worked both in U.S and in Asia Manufacturing Facilities. Mai’s recent work has included a significant focus on Sustainable Food Manufacturing Facility Construction and Foods Processing Supply chain and indigenous rights. Alongside client work, Mai has a broad portfolio of research and advocacy work that includes Sustainable Brands – Manufacturing and Food Supply Chain and sustainability reporting  on planning, site design, water, energy, materials, and indoor environmental quality issues for sustainable design, construction, operations, and maintenance. The specific sustainable design such as energy saving, low carbon emission and resources recycling, energy-efficient design becomes on demand in terms of design process, construction, and maintenance. As far as the sustainable design is concerned, appreciation on the characteristics of the land and the climatic environment should come first.

Specialties in sustainability: Living Building Challenge, Net Zero Energy Buildings, and Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System with research, analysis, strategy and strategic advice, writing sustainable construction techniques with concept food processing plant designed for sustainable construction minimizes the use of raw materials, energy, water, and land over the entire life-cycle of the building. The facility layout must be fully-developed project specifications incorporating sustainable design criteria. Initial review with section-by-section recommendations and full green specifications editing, sustainability reporting, project management, relationship building, programme/project evaluation.

Mai is leading on the  green building rating systems or standards: ASHRAE Standard 189, Performance Sustainable Buildings, Green Communities Criteria, Green Globes, EarthCraft Virginia, Energy Star, International Green Construction Code, LEED Green Building Rating System.

Mai Truong  was a Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Global One International Inc from 1994 to 2000. In 2004 to 2009, Mai, was responsible for leading International Partnerships, Brand Strategy, and Architecture, Advertising and Outbound Marketing, Consumer Research, Showcase Value Proposition Development and Direct Marketing Creative Integration, and Sales Management throughout North America and international.

Ever since Mai joined Global One in 1994, she has helped lead lead the company’s rise to a Fortune 1000 company with one of the nations most maverick and recognized brands such as Colgate, Palmolive -France, Jergens – Kao’s Group, Costco – US, Carter Wallace “Laboratoire Fumouze” – France, and Cadbury – France.

Mai brought Global One International more than 15 years of brand management and marketing experience that began with her 3 years run at Daval Group – Usinor Sacilor – Steel Industry in france, where she progressed from an Account Manager to South East Asia REgional Sales Manager. In 1994, Mai left Daval Usinor Sacilor and joined the Vietnam Premium Trading in France, as Executive Vice President. At Vietnam Premium, she eventually became Chief Marketing and SAle Officer, developing International Partnership brands with multinational companies such as Colgate, Palmolive – France, Jergens, Rivoire Carret & Lustucru, Laboratoire Fumouze group of Carter wallace.

During the time of economic upheaval through its economic crisis in South East Asia in 1999 to 2004, Mai joined the Sole Technology, Inc – California from 2000 to 2004, as Senior International Sales Trade Finance Manager. She managed Import Export Activities with portfolio of 250 KM USD and built Financial Model interfacing with the different levels of management in SAles. Marketing and Finance areas.

Brand Building Consulting include a staff of consultants with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences worldwide.

Brand Building Consulting, LLC follows four main principles, which are the foundation and keys to yours and ours success:

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  3. Competence
  4. Confidentiality

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