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America’s Best Marketers in E-Commerce

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With e-commerce accounting for all of the growth in retailing last year, it’s no wonder the competition among e-retailers to get noticed by consumers in an increasingly competitive marketplace is fierce.

Those days are long gone as many more pieces have been added to the digital marketing puzzle, from the mainstreaming of social media marketing and ad retargeting, personalization, paid search and the swift and dramatic rise of mobile initiatives. The digital marketing today is a very complex and costly puzzle. The pieces: Myriad social media, the proliferation of product listing ads on Google, rapidly changing SEO rules, greater use of personalization in email and new programs targeting smartphone shoppers.

Here are the cold, hard facts source Internet Retailer:
  • Our latest survey of e-retailers shows that 66% are expanding their marketing spend in 2016
  • From the same survey, the biggest publicly-held e-retailers are upping their spending by 20% or more in 2016
  • In just the last year, the percentage of e-commerce marketing messages that were delivered on smartphones grew from 39% to 55%, requiring e-retailers to optimize their marketing to mobile platforms
  • Google increased its inventory of paid ads, thereby reducing the footprint of natural search and making SEO more complicated



America’s Best Marketers in E-Commerce based on their results from Blogs, Search, Social Media and Email Marketing. Discover North America’s leading web merchants in paid and organic search, email and social media marketing. Here is 4 key points:



  1. Ecommerce blog which focuses on delivering the best resources and tools entrepreneurs neneed in order to launch their own business;
  2. Social Media marketing: Social media marketers based on an algorithm that takes 21 metrics into account;
  3. Web merchants’ performance on social, and search;
  4. Email marketing: The best email marketers based on an algorithm designed to highlight, across six criteria, which e-retail websites are getting the biggest return on their email marketing investments and why. The  ranking system uses an algorithm to score web merchants on these 6 data points: how many emails they send per month, the percent of website traffic they receive from email, whether they offer sign-up incentives or not, and a check of whether they send messages after shopping carts are abandoned, optimize emails for mobile, and gather email addresses with pop-up boxes on their home pages.


E-Commerce ranks the leading retailers in social media marketing by weighing 21 data points that together measure four key pieces of the social media puzzle:

  1. The size of each retailer’s following on the five largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube);
  2. the retailers’ reach on each of those networks;
  3. the relative engagement of each retailer’s followers—meaning how often they are sharing, commenting or liking retailers’ posts;
  4. the ultimate impact those social fans and followers have on retailers’ e-commerce sales and website traffic.
  5. These are the 20 data points:• 2015 social commerce sales
    • 2015 % of traffic from social networks
    • 2015 monthly visits from social networks
    • 2015 Facebook likes
    • 2015 growth of Facebook likes
    • 2015 avg. Facebook post comments
    • 2015 avg. Facebook post shares
    • 2015 avg. Facebook post likes
    • 2015 Facebook response time (seconds)
    • 2015 Twitter followers count
    • 2015 growth of Twitter followers
    • 2015 avg. retweets
    • 2015 Instagram followers
    • 2015 Pinterest followers
    • 2015 growth of Pinterest followers
    • 2015 YouTube subscribers
    • 2015 growth in YouTube subscribers
    • 2015 YouTube video views
    • Product sharing buttons
    • Refer a friend program
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