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E-Commerce Market of 2016

The World’s Second Largest E-Commerce Market Rebounded Big Time in 2016.


E-commerce platforms are the lifeblood of retailers’ online sales success.

Today’s e-commerce platforms often incorporate technology that enables consumers to check real-time inventory counts across channels, track the status of their shipments, read product reviews and deliver streamlined navigation paths so they can quickly find the products they want.

Some platforms also enable retailers to coordinate marketing initiatives across online, mobile and, in the case of retail chains, store channels. Often, these are platforms that are hosted and accessed on the web, or cloud.

American e-retailers looking to grow by attracting new shoppers in a region where online retailing is growing faster than in the U.S.

Food & Beverage and Apparel are two of the fastest growing e-commerce segments. In these highly competitive industries, every actionable insight can be the difference between getting ahead or falling behind.


E-commerce has an edge in European retail sales

European e-commerce sales reached 455 billion euros last year (or more than $508 billion)—which makes Europe the second largest e-commerce market behind China. Trends vary by country, but the biggest web merchants in the region, or those ranked in the new Europe 500, grew online sales by 16.8%–faster than the growth in total European e-commerce sales, not to mention web sales in the U.S. (which grew 14.6% last year).

Salesforce to acquire e-commerce software provider Demandware

Salesforce will introduce a new e-commerce offering to go with its customer relationship management software.

Salesforce, the high-flying provider of cloud-based customer history software, announced today plans to acquire Demandware Inc., the leading cloud-based e-commerce technology provider to larger consumer goods brands and retailers.

Salesforce says the combination will provide Demandware clients with access to Salesforce marketing, analytics, sales and service technology, enabling them to provide consumers with more personalized service.

Saleforce is ranked as the No. 3 North American provider of cloud technology by Forrester Research, with projected 2016 revenue from its cloud service of $7.6 billion.