Modern Marketing Online Management

MarketingModern Marketing Online Is Effective - Integrate and Measurable

There are risks involved in any business during the transition from Traditional Marketing to Modern Marketing. We provide you with extensive advice on how to be prepared for any crisis, large or small.

This involves planning the marketing mix and messaging across channels and marketing tactics (e.g., website, social media marketing, search marketing, email campaigns, mobile, face-to-face).

Modern marketing is an evolved mix of strategic marketing, traditional marketing, internet and new media , and better results measurement. Modern Marketing marketing is more effective. More cost efficient, more measureable, more targeted, more social and more media.



Using  8 new concept of Modern Marketing:

  1. Email Marketing: Choosing email provider, email template, drip campaigns for acquisition and educative.
  2. Lead Generation: Answer questions on Linkedin & Quora.
  3. Webmaster Tools: SEO/SEM, Architect your site, and link building
  4. Lead Conversion Optimization: SEO - SEM
  5. Analytic: Google analytic, dashboard report
  6. Content Marketing: Campaigns
  7. PPC management: Adwords keyword management lower cost
  8. Social Media: Create blogs, viral social media contest page, build theme