Emission Reduction

={Food Compested (Tons) + [Food Donated – Loss After Donation(Tons)] x Land fill GHG Emission Factor (tCO2e/ton)} + {Food Donated – Loss After Donation(tons) x Upstream GHG Emission Factor (tCO2e/ton}


Loss After Donation

= {[Food Donated x % to Food Banks X % Non – Very Food Insecure x ( 1 – % Home Waste)] + [Food Donated x % to Soup Kitchens x % Non – Very Food Insecure x (1 – % Back – of – House Waste)]}




Foods Waste Management.

Foods Waste Management.

EXAMPLE: Annual Reductions: 704,000 Metric Tons CO2e 2013-2015 Reductions: 2M Metric Tons

Walmart Influence: In 2010, Walmart in partnership with Quest recycling invested resources to help Quest build a composting system, which included procurement of bins, establishment of the service and details like the items accepted, routes, and infrastructure. As a result of this partnership other retailers are now asking Quest to service them (like Ahold and Kroger). Walmart also standardized and scaled their donations program – In 2010, Walmart partnered with Feeding America to build a national program for all Walmart locations. Feeding America received funding through the Walmart Foundation and Walmart donated trucks to help with logistics. Walmart set the standard with this program.

Beyond Business As Usual:

Earth911 describes composting as “an up-and-coming industry that provides supermarkets an alternative to sending their un-usables to landfills.”4 Quest Recycling, a leading recycling provider, is only providing composting to 4,000 stores across the US, inclusive of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs. This is 11% of the 36,569 grocery outlets across the US.5 Walmart and Sam’s Club are virtually all of these stores (3,938). Feeding America reports providing donation services for 3,344 unique Walmart stores and 594 Sam’s Club outlets. Walmart is their largest Store Donation program partner making up 42% of their donations nationwide.6 Currently, Feeding America, the largest non-profit involved in food donations, has about 12,000 stores participating in their donation programs, which is 32% of the total grocery outlets. Therefore, these programs are not yet common practice.

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