Mai Truong

Top U.S. Ranked Executives

Brand Building Consulting's founder , Mai Truong, has been ranked as one of the top ranked U.S. Executives. This award was given by the National Council of American Executives. Being ranked as Top Executives U.S. Executives places Mai Truong as United States most prominent and successful leaders. Out of hundreds and thousands of leaders, only 10 percent of those leaders receives this distinction.

With this award, it demonstrates that these 10 percent have have showed professional excellence with multiple mentions from trade groups, peers, clients and the press.

Marketing Consultant


2015 Best of Beverly Hills Nomination for SBA

Beverly Hills Chamber Of Commerce 

Brand Building Consulting, LLC is honored to be member of the Beverly Hills Chamber Of Commerce. 

Brand Building Consulting, LLC was nominated for a Best of Beverly Hills Golden Palm Award for 2015


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Taproot Foundation – Golden Award 2015

Powered by Pro Bono Award with Taproot Foundation.

Powered by Pro Bono Award with Taproot Foundation.

Marketing Consultant